Uranus – Best Perfumes Inspired By Planetary Theme


Are you looking for a unique blend of scents?

There are various kinds of notes present in any kind of perfume.

Have you ever heard of a blend of Jasmine, wood, and musk?


Yom International’s one of the best perfumes provides a combination of these three scents.

  • Top Note: Jasmine
  • Mid Note: Wood
  • Bottom Note: Musk

The theme of the perfume is inspired by the 3rd largest planetary radius and 4th largest planetary mass, i.e Uranus.

The combination of all the 3 scents is provided by the “Uranus” unisex perfume which never lets down any wearer.

The balance between all the 3 notes enables it to be preserved for a good 6-8 hours.

The quality of the jasmine oil used makes the fragrance long-lasting, which is suitable for day and night use.

Specialties of Uranus perfume:

  • It is a no-gas perfume.
  • It is a water-based perfume, hence it is non-flammable in nature.

Hence that is what makes Uranus one of the best perfumes in the market available with a unique combination of jasmine, wood, and musk.

It is available in 3 types of packaging:

8ml bottle:



20ml bottle:



100ml bottle:




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