‘Ayu’ means Life + ‘Veda’ means Knowledge or Science. I.e it is a natural medicine, instructing humans how to live their life healthily. It is referred to as the “System of Indian Medicine”. Unfortunately, the Ayurveda is seen to be associated more with religious aspects. People concluding, Ayurveda as a ‘Hindu’ medicine must see the trends that are going on in the Europe, West. They are adapting the Ayurveda, as it is, without questioning plus they are doing a study on Ayurveda! This sounds great to us, but are we really ready to try Ayurveda? This question arises because there is rising western culture in India, so-called “Modern” techniques to cure any disease and we are failing miserably in terms of naturopathy, Ayurveda, where we should take pride.


Allopathy vs Ayurveda


 allopathy vs ayurveda



  • Both the ways are important to humankind. But, as one thinks of the comparison, one definite point that highlights is allopathic treatments deliver quick recovery. On the other hand, Ayurvedic treatment is slower but it also counts on the permanent relief of the disease and it focuses on the mental health of the human being.


  • Allopathy is a totally chemical-based component, which has a strong or sometimes random effect on any individual. Ayurveda’s ideology is to show a path to human beings to live a healthy long life, practicing natural mindful ways and using nature to the utmost level.


  • Allopathy mainly focuses on the shallow symptoms of the disease, curing it with the help of only medicines Whereas, Ayurveda focuses more on Doshas and the 5 major elements of nature (Prithvi, Jal, Vayu, Agni, Akash) and their imbalance in the body that causes a particular disease in the body.
    • It mostly checks the balance between:
      • Vatta
      • Pitta
      • Kapha


  • There may be side effects in Allopathic treatments. There is no word called side effects in the world of Ayurveda (if you take the right medicines at the right time) unless you mishandle it.



The main inspiration for using Ayurveda for Yom International Products:


Our main mission is to provide a tinge of the latest technology which makes the ayurvedic products one of the best amidst the ones available in the market currently. We support healthy living at costs that are not very heavy on the pocket.


  • Yom International’s products are divided into 3 sections:




Yom International-Luxury icon


  • Aim: Yom International aims at providing the best natural, pure, and high-quality luxurious products that suit your daily life and persona.


  • The products include:
    • Perfumes: Based on planetary themes
    • Attars: Based on Birth Signs
    • Bath Salts: Based on panchtatva theme




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  • Aim: To provide the best quality natural products amidst the increasing contamination of natural resources: air, water, food, and ease of usage as per convenience.


  • The products include:
    • YOM Free flow Iodized Salt
    • Organic Jaggery 


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  • Aim: To provide the supplements that cut off unhealthy habits like eating junk food because of the changed, stressful lifestyle. Also, the products will fulfill the gaps of the nutrition that the human body is lacking because of the contaminated water, air, food.


  • The Products include:
    • Black Salt
    • Low Sodium Salt
    • Natural Plus Salt
    • Iron Plus Salt
    • Turmoholic Powder
    • Moringa Seed Powder
    • Wheat Grass Powder
    • Moringa Drumstick Powder
    • Moringa Leaves Powder
    • Vitamin D3 with Seed Extract
    • Vitamin B12, B9, B6 with tulsi leaves extract


All the above products are:

  • Made In India
  • Travel Friendly
  • 100% Naturally Derived
  • Cruelty-Free, Vegan Products
  • Products are designed keeping in mind the climate conditions of India.



  • To refer to the products in detail, check out the website: Site


  • Have some amazing insights referring to the reports of covid patients getting cured with the help of only Ayurvedic treatment.