A Perfect Substitute of Sugar: Yom Jaggery

Sugar vs Jaggery


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  • Jaggery and sugar, both are derived from sugarcane. During the process, initially, jaggery is derived, and then further processing of jaggery gives us sugar as a product.
  • There are various kinds of sugar available in the market, depending on the kind of refining treatment, and it's color.
  • Any kind of sugar, either brown, white, or any, is inferior to jaggery in terms of the value of nutrients it provides.
  • In most of the cases, people use white sugar, which provides you nothing but empty calories, i.e calories without any vitamins and minerals plus gifts you with many unsolicited health problems like obesity, diabetes, heart problems, and many more.
  • Jaggery is an unrefined natural sweetener. Unlike sugar, it is versatile in providing us the minerals and vitamins.
  • Now, there are also various kinds of jaggery available in the market, just like sugar.

So, how to identify which kind of jaggery is beneficial for health?

  • The brighter the color of jaggery is, the more dangerous it is to our health.
    • Because the brighter the color, it involves more processing, which involves the presence of sulphur. Which any human body does not appreciate.
  • The natural color of organic jaggery is close to the shade of a chocolate/copper color.
  • Do taste it. If it tastes even slightly salty, it may have a higher concentration of minerals salt. The salty taste also tells you about the freshness of the jaggery. The older it is, the saltier it will be.


Therefore, the preferred use of jaggery is organic/ natural, without much processing.

The traditional jaggery is unrefined and non-distilled. So, no chemicals are used in making it and all the nutrients like Magnesium, Iron, Calcium, etc are retained.



100g nutrient contents in sugar and jaggery


nutrients contents in suger and jaggery each 100gm
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Yom Jaggery: Richness of Earth

According to the mission of providing completely organic products to our customers, we, at Yom International, provide 100% organic jaggery.

  • The jaggery which we provide is:
    • Sulphur Free
    • No externally added sugar
    • Naturally Processed


Because of all the above reasons, we can say that we have derived an ‘amrut’ from the earth and hence our tagline: Yomamrut: Richness of Earth.


Yom Jaggery’s Nutrient Content

For 5gms:

 nutrition facts of the product


Yom Jaggery helps with the following


  • To consume it for a balanced diet.
  • Less risk of getting diabetes.
  • It helps to protect against anemia.
  • Strengthens the immune system.
  • Aids Digestion
  • Detoxifies liver, blood
  • Treats Flu-like symptoms
  • Relieves Joint Pain
  • Assists Weight Loss
  • Eases Menstrul Pain
  • Cools the stomach
  • Controls the blood pressure

 benefits of having jaggery


How much to consume?

  • NOTE: Jaggery has better nutrients content than sugar, but it is high in calories, hence it is suggested to use it as per the requirements.



Yom International facilitates you with different forms of organic jaggery, in different quantity:


Quantity available in: 500gms and 200gms.


  • Jaggery Cubes:


 jaggery cubes 200 gm




 jaggery cube -500 gm



  • Jaggery Powder:








                       jaggery powder - 500 gm



  • Jaggery Crystals:




           jaggery crystal -200 gm




                       jaggery crystal - 500 gm



Link to refer to the products:

To purchase Yom’s Jaggery, refer our website: LINK


Conditions to store:

  • Store in a cool and dry and hygienic place.
  • Protect from strong odour and direct sunlight.


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