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Going back in time, flu, cough and cold were probably the most heard of diseases whereas today, they are most often symptoms of some of the very severe diseases mankind is exposed to. Have you ever wondered why? Back in the day with less exposure of the world, people chose to be closer to nature. They consumed things that were natural, fresh and hence healthy. This particular style of living saved them from the health disasters we are facing today. Looking at how things have changed in the last decade people have become more aware and conscious about what they eat and carefully watch the ingredients used.The world in general has become more health conscious. These are the ill-effects of the modern-day lifestyle.

We at Yom International strive to innovate a product line that comfortably suits the needs of all. Innovating a product line that has an old school essence with a tinge of latest technology make these products one of the best amidst the ones available in the market currently. Yom International aims at delivering preeminent products to the end user with an intension to promote healthy living at costs that are not very heavy on the pocket. We encourage the use of natural products that are made with utmost care and cause no harm to anyone who consumes as well as curates it.
Our products are categorised in three different categories viz. Necessity, Health and Luxury with each having products that are used in day to day life or for a healthy living or for luxury respectively.

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In a world where man-made damage is taking a toll it becomes our need as well as our responsibility...

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In today’s day and age every individual working or at home has an individualistic definition of luxu...

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The increasing competition, stressful living, lifestyle change and junk food consumption are a few o...

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